Insecurity and Performing

Last month, I wrote a thing about how the tiny little issue I have where I tend to hate every aspect of my physique affects my dating life. Because I'm a masochist I decided that there'd be a trilogy of blogposts re: being an insecure little bean. So here I am, delivering part 2 of 3 because I'm sure my legions of admirers were waiting on another monologue.

Good news: this one is a lot more cheerful than the last one. Why? Because I LOVE going on stage knowing that I'm gonna do a great thing. Like I said in my last blogpost, I'm highly confident in some aspects of my personality and me being a human who's good at getting up on stage and singing songs is one of them. I never feel sexier than when I'm singing an uptempo song on a stage with people smiling back at me, and it shows! Exhibit A:
Doesn't this girl look like a person who digs herself? Isn't it fun to watch? God, I love stage-Margot. Yes girl, do those little hip shakes. Work it.

I haven'…

Insecurity And Dating

Here’s a fun, fun, funny fun fact about me: I’m hilariously and immensely insecure about the way I look. I don’t like sharing emotions with real life people so my solution to this issue is writingsongs about it and now apparently exploring the subject in not one, not two, but THREE blogposts. Yeah. I like talking about myself THAT much. I’m also gonna talk about how my insecurity affects my professional(ish) life and the fact that I quite frequently find myself on a stage singing songs.
Also, I kind of just want to be able to forward this post to people when they go “hey why aren’t you looking for a special someone?” And then, as they’re reading it, hide. Run from those feelings Margot, run!
Anyway. Let’s get to the point. Here’s my highly problematic view on dating: I think I would be a dream of a woman to fall in love with: I’m highly confident in the fact that my humour, ability to write poetic songs about people whose eyes I dig, and intelligence combined make for a pretty A+ human…

The Importance Of Impulsiveness

Tonight, after I got out of the sauna my parents have put in their holiday house in the middle of nowhere, I decided to go cool off in our garden wearing nothing but a bath towel, with temperatures well below zero. Why, you may ask? I like to sometimes do things that have a high probability of making me a completely unique person for just a little while. There are a LOT of people on this little planet, which makes it very hard to do anything that nobody else does. I don't like that.

Thoughts about Songs: Ghost

Hi, pals!

I'm writing this post ages after having released my song and I really really really need you all to know that this isn't because I'm lazy or because I have poor time management skills, but because it took me quite a bit of time to figure out what exactly I wanted to say about this song. Not because I had no inspiration or nothing clever to say, but because I have a plethora (isn't plethora a really nice word? I love the word plethora. Used it 5 times in my thesis. I used it a PLETHORA of times. That's not the right way to use that word. Let's get back to the point of this blogpost.) of thoughts on this one and I needed to PICK WISELY. Can you tell I'm trying way too hard to make you believe I have my shit together? I should probably stop trying to convince you I'm good at being an adult and move on with the blogpost.

What I would love to discuss today is how I hope songwriting will influence my storytelling abilities! But first I'm gonna go…

Thoughts about Songs: Happy (A Sad Song)

Hi friends! Welcome to another time in our lives where I write down some thoughts about the words I poured into a melody and you (hopefully) read them. I wrote a very cowardly song and I disguised it as a brave one. it does have a pretty damn good title, if I may say so myself. If you haven't heard it yet, please give it a lil listen and if you have, either listen to it again (gotta get those views) or scroll down and read mah thoughts!

Thoughts about Songs: Spoil The Fun

I wrote another song so I'm writing some more thoughts down! Yay!

In this blogpost, I'm doing to discuss my new song "Spoil The Fun" and why it's okay that I'm a pretty mediocre singer-songwriter. First, please do me a favour and listen to my song (because, you know. Duh.) and then reaaad my thouuuughts yayayay!

Thoughts about Songs: History

Hi friends!

Here's a little fun fact about me: I love writing songs! Here's another little fun fact about me (wowza it must be your lucky day, so many fun facts!): I love talking about my songs! From now on, I'm gonna try to give you a lil smidge of my thoughts on aspects of every new song I write because, ya know, why the frick not, right?

Before you read this, I would advise you to listen to my new song first because, you know, duh.